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Free Shipping! You will get everything for the perfect date night!!! This is a great "out of the box" idea for a different kind of date night! We have created a subscription box service to help you bond and gather your friends for a fun night of creativity and community! What is included? •Recipes for Bites and Drinks - which includes a few starters for your party (i.e. crackers, cookies, etc.), a grocery list and tips to make it easy for you! •Ice Breakers - this is great to get the party going and an opportunity for new and old friends to learn more about each other. •Main Activity - this is the core of the box - each month we have neatly laid out exactly how to complete the activities, any additional supplies you might need (i.e. scissors, pencils, etc.) - but this will be minimal and unlikely as we include everything you need. Your activity could be a DIY project or a game! Or both! •Goodies - if your box is centered around a DIY project, everyone will go home with something they have created. If your box is centered around a game, everyone will go home with a goodie gift they will love! •Decorations - your box will include a decorations and pointers to make your gathering memorable. We will also include some table setting ideas with pointers on where to find additional items if you wanted to go beyond what we have given you! For each Create Gather the preparation for the gathering should not exceed an hour, it is stress free and easy to put together.

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